Friday, May 11, 2018

The road trip..

Its been a while, lets do it again
Let this time be Greece or Spain
Lets hire a RV and drive all the way
I got it all sorted; the places we stay

Don’t leak the plan, don’t say it loud
Just you and me, don’t want a crowd
We'll stop by the valleys, beaches and lakes
-shit load of selfies throughout the breaks

I promise to make this a memorable trip
Just give your office a fifty day skip
When we come back you will see a new world
Life will be beautiful, you have my word

We live just once, we have so much to see
Joy gets doubled if you see it with me
When the night paints the sky, I’ll put you to sleep
Make a nice fire and tuck that warm fleece

I’ll help you pack bags, check all your stuff
Shampoos to pads even your SPF
that ugly shorts and a t-shirt to go
Hair dryer that your mom gifted ages ago

Just say “I’m in” and I’ll show way
Send you the plan by end of the day
Will share the route map though you won’t read
I promise not to scare, I will not speed

Just say “I’m in” and call me tonight
I promise to stay cool, I will not fight
Just say “I’m in” and let your boss know
Tell him that you have just ten days to go

Its been a while, lets do it again
Let this time be Greece or Spain

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The School reopens and my daughter turns a coolie again.

It’s that time of the year for the school going kids. Something special about the sight. One can’t help but feel nostalgic about the visual. The school reopens after the quarterly exam holidays. With the official Indian festive season declared open, kids generally have no dearth or access to fun.

The holidays are over, the school resumes today. Or should I say the holiday season is punctuated by a short session of school time. My daughter is excited to meet her friends again and curious to know how she fared in her exams. She sets up everything the previous night - uniform to shoes to bag as per time-table. 

She has an early start and as my wife was travelling, the onus of getting her started to school with all the bells and whistles, was on me. Like a diligent assembly line manager, I go through her preparation meticulously - striking all line items in my mental checklist. All good!

The dawn breaks, the alarm goes off. She gets up and goes about doing the “school stuff” with clockwork precision. Then she calls me as she was sliding into the shoes - Appa…”can you bring my bag from room?” 

I was on call with my wife taking directives and getting my tasks audited. I dashed quickly into their room to fetch my daughter’s bag. With my slipshod attitude, I grabbed the schoolbag only to realise that I completely underestimated the weight of a simple school bag. It was heavy. Certainly, very heavy for a 11 year old. 

The School reopens and my daughter turns a coolie again. 

I’ve felt the same in the past, I will feel the same in the future. Feeling helpless, sorry, angry – all at the same time. Whatever happened to the Yash Pal committee report! Oh, Yash Pal is no more. With him, his recommendations.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life Ahead!!

This one is to a good friend of mine.... with love, faith and wishes!

I wonder how and whats your make
beneath your smiles, a lot of pain
never do you let me talk of gloom
nor have i seen you do the fume

What a ride this life has been
ebb and flow of things I've seen
of all the souls that I've known
thought you'd be that happy prone

It hurts to see you drained and down
of tales you had in that distant town
But glad to see you back in here
Here we are; don't you fear

Lost some time but there lots to go
the world is waiting; host your show
Dream your life and live your dream
Tread your path on self esteem.


Thursday, December 31, 2009


It was a good read and a greater feeling to know how much you know about me.

Most of the 30 pointer list can be ticked a 100%.. but there again "Most" is not all. So, heres something you need to know.

1. You dare to dream and also dare to live your dreams

---> "Woh zindagi hi kya, jisme koi namumkin sapna na ho" - Picked from a movie named Khamoshi (Nice songs... should listen to them sometime)

2. You have such a good gift of the gab. Heck! I fell for that

---> Boss thats my capital. Recruiter hu bhai!

3. You are the more artsy person of the two of us

---> Agreed!

4. You love Aditi more than you love me (Aditi loves me more than she loves you, ha-ha!)

---> I love Aditi... most certainly!!... but not an iota more than I love you. YOU ARE NO.1.

5. You are a good sport more often than not

---> Would love to see you with the same spirit.

6. You swear a lot

---> @30, as a recruiter, father of a pretty girl, you really dont need to try too hard.

7. You are so effing short tempered (No! It’s not pot calling kettle black)

---> Now... thats funny (but True)

8. You like to help people genuinely in trouble – no matter how much out of the way you might have to go

---> I just love them all.

9. You love to fight me for Koorkai, but you also love to give up that one extra for me

---> Refer point 4 as preface. I love Koorkai... but can live without it. Not sure if I made a point here!

10. You are a very good people manager

---> Thank you.

11. You hate to admit that I drive better than you do

---> Yeah right... we have a ferrari on F1.

12. You are pathetic in managing finance. Isn’t that why you married me?

---> How good are you in haggling.

13. You love to be pampered. All of us do. I agree. But you need to grow up, okay?

---> Naah...

14. You don’t know you are a typical man who hates to ask someone for directions to a place

---> OK this one is my own.. "Dont ask for directions.. enjoy those lanes that you would never pass through otherwise in your lifetime."

15. You are good at identifying and motivating good talent

---> Aditi will answer as she grows up.

16. You fear failure (again, all of us do) – but it doesn’t stop you

---> My Take. Its not the fear of failure that hurts me. Its the reset button... start from scratch again. LAZY ME!

17. You are an absolute lazy bum

---> geee geee

18. You regret losing your reading and quizzing habit – but don’t do anything about it


19. You still worship Maradona

---> a fag a day keeps the "balls" away!

20. You mean it when you say you don’t care what others think

---> SPOT ON!

21. You hate it when you are bound – even by your own promise. That’s why you don’t promise anything at all.

---> SPOT ON!

22. You don’t like clearing up any mess, more so if you created it

---> SPOT ON AGAIN! Because it really is messy :(

23. You are such a gadget freak. I am thankful that your fetish for mobile phones has slowly died down. I dread the day it shows its ugly face again.

---> Hibernation is different from "dead and gone". Time coming, sri buying.

24. You are penny wise and pound foolish

---> Wanted an Financial advisor, paying the fee thro nose(ICICI online). Chumma

25. You hate to be sick – even before anti-biotic drugs start acting on your body, you would’ve already started your own mental fight against them bacteria. Amazes me.

---> Heard the story of mentally curing Cancer a long time back.. what is bacteria after all!

26. Pet lover

---> Yes SowMeow.

27. A patient shopper, women would generally love – oh! But do you realize I usually have to stand all those long hours outside men’s trial room when you are trying out your nth pair of jeans for the day? Of course, you deserve a good deal, and the pregnant me so deserves a chair.

---> People who shop once an year need to be patient.

28. Okay – this is more like a quirk – because you are as tall as you are – you tend to sleep diagonally even in our six and a half feet by six feet huge bed. I am fat and I really need MORE space. Please, darling!

---> Ahem.. no bedroom matters!

29. Tactful – and how! How can you be just my opposite!?!

---> BLUNT

30. I had to say this – you suck at Spanish! Learning sentences by heart won’t help you mister LOL

---> I just know those few words that will do the magic. Take me to Argentina.


Friday, April 10, 2009

To Syed

To Syed…

It’s still sinking. I’m finding it hard to believe my own eyes.

It’s ironic to say back your trademark words “Perseverance pays”. Even if it does, you wouldn’t be around to see that happen. Dude, you let us down.

Many a times, I was awestruck by your grit and determination. What made you do this cowardly act? If you ever thought your pain ends with your episode, you were wrong. All you did was to pass it to your close ones. Do they deserve this?

When things were falling in place and to your favor, you could have faced a few hours of solitude and melancholy with a mighty heart. Happiness was just a few yards away mate.

Sleep in Peace.

Khuda hafiz,


Monday, September 29, 2008

On crimes and punishments!!

Interest rates may get slashed, home loan rates may get slashed but crime rate in India is always on the rise. If we ponder for a few minutes, we can squarely blame our punishment system for this trend.

The very second page of any Indian news paper is perpetually packed with rape incidents to pedophile on the prowl to gun running gangsters to traffic violators to pimps and brothels. A stringent yet "Non-capital" punishment will certainly bring down these atrocities. 

A rapist should forcefully undergo sex-change operation and get tattooed on the forehead "once a rapist". 

A pedophile needs to be forcefully used in a bomb disposal assignment without basic protection.

A corrupt official will have to give away his entire assets to PM relief fund and left to start all over again.

An eve teaser should be forced to clean toilets of a women college for a day. 

A traffic defaulter's vehicle should be punctured.

Repetitive defaulter's vehicle's fuel talk should be injected with sugar syrup.

A gangster should have his thumbs cut off.

The crime may be different. However, if we award the right kind of "TREATMENT" to these weeds; I foresee a much better society in the making. 

More suggestions on well thought punishments are welcome!!


Monday, September 08, 2008

Why can't I??

Well... here's a short poem/tribute for one of my friends who has started a small venture. I wish him the very best in all his future endeavours.

Best of men have proved it right
All you need is grit to fight
Falling down is not a sin
That’s the start; closer to win

If you care to see them all
Their starting days were filled with falls
Hadn’t they fought to stand again
Wouldn’t have known the waiting gain

There’s nothing that comes free of cost
Thinking so would get you lost
Luck would favour those who try
Success ahead; so don’t you cry

Those who made it big and high
Endured the pain; but not a sigh
They marched ahead and aimed the sky
Shouting; If they can do.. why cant I??